Blast Corps' video game release was in 1997.


Blast Corps was just a very old video game, starting off with some old music and gameplay. There were only a few commercials. Players need to use various demolition vehicles/machines in order to clear the path for a Missile Carrier. The carrier is holding 2 nuclear missiles. The truck was badly damaged, and Automatically locks on path going straightforward all the way to the detonation site. In order to do that, You need to find the six elite scientists, clear buildings, and if optional, get all gold medals and the credits will roll, showing the detonation site. The player will then play other levels, and then, will get platinum medals. Blast Corps is very easy at first, but then starts to get difficult, whether it's a carrier level, or if it's a bonus level.


  • North America = February 28, 1997
  • Japan = March 21, 1997
  • PAL Regions = September 1, 1997


  • This video game is only for the Nintendo 64.
  • The japanese version is called "BlastDozer".